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Introduction to Applixure Workflow

What is Workflow?

Applixure Workflow is a companion product for Applixure Analytics designed for customers wanting to automatically track important metrics across one or more Applixure environments — corporate customers and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) alike.

With the base Applixure Analytics platform, this requires that you log into each environment one by one and search for the things you are interested in. Alternatively, you could use our public API to fetch data from each environment into an external database, against which you can then run the reports or searches.

Using Workflow, you can instead easily and straightforwardly enable an operational model wherein the Workflow automatically surfaces those findings in the data and keeps track of the progress of handling the fix for the deviations until the case is closed based on Analytics's data.

For MSPs, for example, the things you are interested in could be specific agreed-upon concrete data points — or baseline requirements — defined in your SLAs against the end customer organisations. With the Workflow product, you can decide what you want to track based on available data from Analytics. For our direct customer organisations, these could be the most important things to keep an eye on in your devices as an IT department, such as security-related settings or issues most affecting the employees.

Look and feel

As solution for managing data from multiple Applixure environments, UI-wise Workflow is implemented as Kanban -type board which aggregates data from all of your environments into single view.

Workflow Board

You can log on in to your Workflow board at

Getting started

Using Applixure Workflow requires that you already use Applixure Analytics to gather data from your computers, as the Workflow's functionality is built on top of Analytics' data. Once you have Applixure Analytics, you are ready to go with Workflow, too!

To get started with Workflow, contact our sales to enable Workflow for your Applixure account, after which you can do the one-time onboarding process of connecting Workflow to your Applixure account using the following easy steps:

  1. Log on to the Workflow using Applixure user account that has Full account administrator -permissions for your Applixure account.

    Workflow will need these permissions to set up the initial connection by adding a new dedicated API key to your Applixure account for further background access and to synchronize your Analytics data on an ongoing basis. After onboarding, Applixure user accounts can be added as Workflow users and assigned to Workflow's account and board roles to manage permissions within Workflow.

  2. If you user account has sufficient permissions, Workflow will confirm if you want to proceed with onboarding your Applixure account to the Workflow.

    Workflow onboarding step 1
    Press Continue button to proceed onboarding.

  3. Once Workflow has completed the onboarding, click Continue to start using Workflow. At this stage, you can also optionally import some sample rules into your first board to get you going faster with actual content!

    Workflow onboarding step 1